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Oct. 9th

Hillel at Break-fast, after I had one latke and some mini-bagel halfs, THEY RAN OUT OF FOOD. I tried to play it cool. I ate a danish and a brownie. Then, I left and got a taco. It was a spinach and bean taco and it was amazing.


Oct. 8th

This afternoon I was listening to Librivox‘s version of Reginald by Saki while tooling around in the darkroom (Librivox, in case you are not in the know, is the audiobook arm of the Gutenberg Project. Check out Joy Chan’s version of Tristan and Iseult—so beautiful). 

Saki joins the long line of authors I love for giving me snarky English nobles who are only fit for draining their aunt’s bank account (like P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie). Saki is also totally ridiculous, in the most flattering sense of that word. 

Anyway—I kinda half want to be Reginald, whose description makes me very happy:

        (Reginald has a magnificent scorn for details, other than sartorial.)

Oct. 7th

The way I remember the date the Colosseum was built for my Art History exam is that Jesus would have been killed there if he lived to be 70 (build in 70 AD).

Oct. 6th

The 365 project is very neato–two different years of mp3’s every day. It’s part of UduWeb, which has a great collection of different kind of art and poetry, and the stuff that gets lost between those two catagories. I downloaded Valjean’s Mashin’ the Classicks’ a long time ago. It popped up in my itunes today. The Classicks might seem tacky, but it is so much fun and actually really good.

Caveat: my good may be different than my classical piano-playing neighbor’s.

Oct. 5th

It’s a little hard to read, but this says:

He’s a shy playboy Green Beret with acid for blood. She’s an artistic hip-hop bodyguard on her way to prison for a murder she didn’t commit. They fight crime!

Oct. 4th

I was caught by how the light entered this glass. Golden light in the summer (including late spring and early fall) already has a tangible, heavy quality.  The glass showed a different aspect of this tangibility by giving the light form.

Oct. 3rd

This pear was amazing. There was a lemony creamy flavor that was like filigree on top of that already distinct pear flavor. I guess the pears are really fresh now.