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When the moon is in the right sphere, I hallucinate that my uterus has man-killing capabilities

Okay, when you are fighting a headache and cramps there is nothing better than sitting cross legged under a throw, attended by mini-Krackle bars and some very good coffee you just made, and watching Nigella Lawson be decadent.

Also, it helps to be laughing through the cramps and urge to strangle all men.

Something about this historical topic really lets the Mock the Week gents go to a whole new level. Seriously, British quiz shows are the perfect thing to watch when poorly. Funny, no plot, and quite short. Don’t even get me started on my massive-crush on David Mitchell.

One quite fun thing about being able to menstruate is annoying my friend Tierra by calling it “my moon-time” or alluding at all to how powerful I must be because of my “menses” (she can’t take the word menses at all). Somehow this must compensate for my sudden urge to not leave bed and the dramatic rise in my intake of ibuprofen, chocolate, and over-wrought television. Ooh, tomorrow night Private Practice is on.


I am not sure this counts as a guiltily perfect moment or just a pretty sensory combo

Sitting at a table covered in pink in the middle of a predominately yellow kitchen (you know the type, all sixties and homely homey). Sunlight is aiding the large florescent sitting on the ceiling; the whole room is evenly lit. I am eating a dark chocolate crisp, listening to 30 minutes by t.A.T.u (not even “All The Things She Said,” the weird fake lesbians actual hit), and reading Scott Pilgrim 3.

I Am Like Mr. Darcy (I almost want to marry myself)

I realized the other day that once my good opinion is lost about someone it is lost forever. Just like Mr. Darcy. How hot am I?

Though that is his least attractive trait….