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Feel Good Clip of the Day


Re: Tattoos

I find that much decisiveness this early in life a little worrying.

— My Dear Friend Michelle

Facebook Chat Has Never Been So Interesting

I think it might help to know that this particular and beautiful friend has a history of being both archly sincere and truly sincere at the same time, which results in hilarious, yet touching episodes in both of our lives.

Me: also, can you explain why I find men with tasteful tattoos so attractive

I will end up with some punk-rocker

Friend: b/c tattoos = art

Me:  on skin (dreamy sigh here)

Friend: & the idea of someone knowing themselves, or feeling that they know themselves, well enough to make a permanent artistic addition to their bodies, is intriguing

surely if they can make such stirring & beautiful changes in their own lives, they can do so in yours as well

Me: awwww

I just hope this isn’t a gateway thing

like I start finding men

with chinese symbols that they don’t know the meaning on their back


or something such as that

Friend: …


Me: well

I live in hope

This pleases me. No particular reason why.

There is only one change necessary to make “lucid” “lurid.” Lovely.

Sitting Snugly in Bed

I have a book I am excited about reading tomorrow, some new compote recipes to try (who knew that the Jew’s would have the best ones?), and a New York Times Magazine article I am interested in reading and then  discussing with my friends for the rest of the week.

Sunday night goodness.