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I’m Holding Out on C.J. Cregg

The best thing about getting a concussion last weekend is that everyone asked “how do you know you have one?” Like I diagnosed myself. Oh cruel world, I have indeed accepted that I am not Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman.


I love that dirty water.

I just brushed my teeth with seltzer.

It felt peculiar. The intermediary rinsing stages created a tooth paste soda—rather like an old tymey egg-cream. I do love a good egg-cream (this did not resemble a good one).

Ohhhh-oh, Boston is my home.

This is Dramatic Irony: The World Laughing At Me

me: I had a dream, where I was breast-feeding on a plane to iceland.

me: it was really ominous

Michelle: wow
Michelle:  babies and volcanoes
Michelle: lots in your subconscious
me: dude
me:I didn’t think of the VOLCANO
me:before now
me:I am so fucked up.
Michelle: haha