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Spring Breakdown

The new movie not only has an amazing cast: (Parker Posey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Missi Pyle, Mae Whitman (Her!), Jane Lynch—and even Mary Cherry appears (there as a stage of my life where I tried to emulate Mary Cherry, though maybe I really should’ve been thinking on April Tuna).


It not only is about girls I can actually relate; the slightly loser-ish girls who don’t really want to display T and A, even though it sometimes seems that the way to win (even though they don’t want to win what there is to win). The girls who really like female-centered folk music, and (while for me, sometimes) would rather have a stress free night singing karaoke at home than going out. The girls who do get rejected (at least sometimes), and don’t have “I like like that” play when they bend over (in slow motion) and look coyly over one shoulder. Basically, girl!Seth Rogens, or the opposite of the fat sitcom shlub and his beautiful wife—except women shlubs don’t get hot husbands on prime time cbs.

It is not only really, really funny. 

But it also contains many things that a small part of me has always wanted to do (spoilers) Continue reading ‘Spring Breakdown’