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Up down, left right

I’m obsessed—it wakes me up.

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How witty is the Street’s verse? They are all so good—I want to start quoting, but you should just watch it and I should just finish my paper.


I’m Obsessed…

This song (“Billie Holiday” by Warpaint) feels like the flu. I listen and am in this world that is a dreamy wash out of which I gather tiny bits of sense.

For some reason wordpress won’t let me embed an mp3—you can go here or here and download the song and listen to it instead. I originally was exposed to it from Aurgasm (the first link). That blog is good things. 



more bands!

Best Band Name I’ve Seen In Awhile


Click on the picture and go to “Office Naps” to read about The Madmen of Note, and download “Peppermint Fink.”

Before Telling Dragons

Some songs make headaches worse. That statement would be true if you substitue “some” with “most.”

Some songs make headaches better; as long as this song is playing, I am drawing away from this reality. 

It’s not just the sound’s texture or volume: it’s all the internal structures of the song. 

That is the amount of coherence you will wring from me today (the rest is being stored up for thesis-ness), but this has been written about intelligently here.

Also, you can listen to all of Karl Blau’s album, for free.


Let me now add the  basic—I am not making money from this song, I just really like it and want to share it. Official people, I would be more than happy to take it down if this bothers you—disclaimer. 

Oct. 6th

The 365 project is very neato–two different years of mp3’s every day. It’s part of UduWeb, which has a great collection of different kind of art and poetry, and the stuff that gets lost between those two catagories. I downloaded Valjean’s Mashin’ the Classicks’ a long time ago. It popped up in my itunes today. The Classicks might seem tacky, but it is so much fun and actually really good.

Caveat: my good may be different than my classical piano-playing neighbor’s.