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I’ve Seen This Before

Last year in New Haven.


Know Your Target Consumer: Oh My

foods as many former college boys I know would call it

The Remedy for Dueling

Lyman Beecher wrote a sermon/pamphlet called “The Remedy for Dueling.” DUDE. Also, thanks wikipedia for letting me know. 


That Lyman Beecher is a hot blog topic today.

O’ Beautiful, Beautiful Dresses

You know you want me dresses. I could be wearing you right now, sipping cocktails at a friend’s party. Below you, my feet might not be wearing shoes as I ambled down the Amalfi beach, looking carefree and international. I could wear you as I sipped icy beverages from cafés and smiled beguilingly at baristas, who would be so charmed that they would forget to be sneeringly pretentious. Instead, oh alas,  I’m sick and delusional on my bed. But I can still look at you, dresses on the internet, and know that you want me to wear you and look so very foxy. 



You know you want me.

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I have Croup, not Swine Flu (still a WTF? I’m not 3)

This xkcd is made of win. Please go to the page to read the caption and discover what every other senior is doing to stave off infection.

destiny into awareness

When I first looked at Walker Evans’ photographs, I thought of something Malraux wrote: “To transform destiny into awareness.” One is embarrassed to want so much for oneself. But, how else are you going to justify your failure and your effort?

—Robert Frank

This reminds me that of my current struggle to understand Walker Evans. I find it kinda fascinating—that gap between the two understandings. Whenever I look at one of his photos I feel a metaphorical tickle  in my brain.


I heard  someone quoting Frank, quoting Malraux and just thought that was delicious and fascinating. Just the isolated

To transform destiny into awareness.

When I googled to find the phrase, I found that beautiful second part of Frank’s statement—the separate

One is embarrassed to want so much for oneself. But, how else are you going to justify your failure and your effort?

I’m going to hold that one close.


Photography implies the recognition of a rhythm in the world of real things. 

Henri Cartier-Bresson, “The Decisive Moment”

Alicante, Spain, 1932


He also said, “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.”

Ha! I love when people call random things bourgeois, especially artists. Peaches are a bourgeois notion. Smoke is an invention of the bourgeois. Tampons: a bourgeois conception.