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If I were to believe Korean Dramas:

I would believe everyone in Korea drives around in love and/or crying. Somehow, they are trained to look around the hearts bugging out of their eyes and/or tears. However, the number of car accidents which are the “meet-cutes” of these couples would lead me to believe that unemotional Korean drivers are worse than the emotional distressed ones.

I find it hard to drive even if I am just sneezing.


I love that dirty water.

I just brushed my teeth with seltzer.

It felt peculiar. The intermediary rinsing stages created a tooth paste soda—rather like an old tymey egg-cream. I do love a good egg-cream (this did not resemble a good one).

Ohhhh-oh, Boston is my home.

Sitting Snugly in Bed

I have a book I am excited about reading tomorrow, some new compote recipes to try (who knew that the Jew’s would have the best ones?), and a New York Times Magazine article I am interested in reading and then  discussing with my friends for the rest of the week.

Sunday night goodness.

When the moon is in the right sphere, I hallucinate that my uterus has man-killing capabilities

Okay, when you are fighting a headache and cramps there is nothing better than sitting cross legged under a throw, attended by mini-Krackle bars and some very good coffee you just made, and watching Nigella Lawson be decadent.

Also, it helps to be laughing through the cramps and urge to strangle all men.

Something about this historical topic really lets the Mock the Week gents go to a whole new level. Seriously, British quiz shows are the perfect thing to watch when poorly. Funny, no plot, and quite short. Don’t even get me started on my massive-crush on David Mitchell.

One quite fun thing about being able to menstruate is annoying my friend Tierra by calling it “my moon-time” or alluding at all to how powerful I must be because of my “menses” (she can’t take the word menses at all). Somehow this must compensate for my sudden urge to not leave bed and the dramatic rise in my intake of ibuprofen, chocolate, and over-wrought television. Ooh, tomorrow night Private Practice is on.

Hulu – Community: La Biblioteca


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Watch this video and help me win a scavenger hunt. Also, hot lesbians.

What I Learned From Colbert Last Week

In Bermuda, you board the water.