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Looking Through Old Journals-On the Now Fragile Pages

I wrote this senior year of college.

You know in a movie when you get mad at the girl walking ahead of her friends.

Why are you walking ahead–don’t you know better.

I realized that I was getting mad because she didn’t know she was in a horror movie.


it is worse when inanimate objects betray us

The beauty is in the walking. We are betrayed by destinations.
-Gwyn Thomas

There are many Gwyn Thomas, apparently. I am not sure if this is the poet or the novelist. But then, I am assuming things; perhaps he is the cricketer. The Yogi Berra of Cricket.

I’m Holding Out on C.J. Cregg

The best thing about getting a concussion last weekend is that everyone asked “how do you know you have one?” Like I diagnosed myself. Oh cruel world, I have indeed accepted that I am not Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman.

I love that dirty water.

I just brushed my teeth with seltzer.

It felt peculiar. The intermediary rinsing stages created a tooth paste soda—rather like an old tymey egg-cream. I do love a good egg-cream (this did not resemble a good one).

Ohhhh-oh, Boston is my home.

This is Dramatic Irony: The World Laughing At Me

me: I had a dream, where I was breast-feeding on a plane to iceland.

me: it was really ominous

Michelle: wow
Michelle:  babies and volcanoes
Michelle: lots in your subconscious
me: dude
me:I didn’t think of the VOLCANO
me:before now
me:I am so fucked up.
Michelle: haha

Re: Tattoos

I find that much decisiveness this early in life a little worrying.

— My Dear Friend Michelle

Facebook Chat Has Never Been So Interesting

I think it might help to know that this particular and beautiful friend has a history of being both archly sincere and truly sincere at the same time, which results in hilarious, yet touching episodes in both of our lives.

Me: also, can you explain why I find men with tasteful tattoos so attractive

I will end up with some punk-rocker

Friend: b/c tattoos = art

Me:  on skin (dreamy sigh here)

Friend: & the idea of someone knowing themselves, or feeling that they know themselves, well enough to make a permanent artistic addition to their bodies, is intriguing

surely if they can make such stirring & beautiful changes in their own lives, they can do so in yours as well

Me: awwww

I just hope this isn’t a gateway thing

like I start finding men

with chinese symbols that they don’t know the meaning on their back


or something such as that

Friend: …


Me: well

I live in hope